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As a resident of Chamblee for the past 17 years and an active member of the community, Van Pappas has a real vision for the city. Detailed below are his ideas concerning certain aspects of his focus as Mayor, including Communication, Finance, Development, Parks, the Business Community and the City Center.


A key component for a successful community is to be well-informed. As Mayor of Chamblee, Van Pappas will make it a priority to create opportunities and venues for communication between the city and all those who work and live in Chamblee’s community.


The success of the continued development and growth of Chamblee will rely on the economic practices of the elected city officials. As Mayor of Chamblee, Van Pappas will use his knowledge, experience, and skills as a Certified Financial Planner to lead the City Council to produce more revenue and utilize efficient spending practices that will allow for the desired goals of those who live and work in Chamblee to be realized.

Chamblee Development

Chamblee was not immune to the recent financial recession; however, the city has recovered through continued development in both residential and commercial areas. The success of the growth of Chamblee will rely on a strong plan for the future. As Mayor for Chamblee, Van Pappas will work with the City Council, the City Economic Development Manager, the City Manager, and other city officials to ensure a planned and prosperous growth that can withstand demographic and economic challenges in the future


The active lifestyle of today’s community thrives on a successful park system. As Mayor of Chamblee, Van Pappas will continue efforts to develop and maintain Chamblee’s parks and expand developments, such as the rail trail project. Additionally, sidewalk construction and pocket parks within our neighborhoods will lead Chamblee toward becoming a more walkable community, which will benefit our residents and businesses.

Business Community

The business community is a vital component for a successful community. Van Pappas initiated the creation of the Chamber of Commerce based on this principal. As Mayor for Chamblee, Van Pappas will continue to promote the business districts with a goal of driving more economic activity to the city.

City Center

The development of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in the 1970s created a disconnect with the downtown area of Chamblee. The revitalization of Historic Downtown Chamblee has brought new interest in creating a City Center that would provide the city with a focal point for activity and business. Van Pappas has been integral in working towards this goal through his leadership on the Downtown Development Authority and the Chamber of Commerce.

Committee to Elect Van Pappas
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